Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

Quality Care for your Equine Companion

Monthly Boarding Options

  • Basic Care- Includes 24 hour turnout with full access to hay, mineral block, and full access to shelter. $200
  • Standard Care-Includes 24 hour turnout with full access to hay, mineral block, and shelter. Brought into stall during inclement weather. $250  
  • (add grain starting at $25)
  • Full Care- Includes daily turnout with a box stall at night and during inclement weather. Cleaned & bedded daily. Daily hay and grain provided in stall along with full access to hay during turnout.$300
  • Specialty/Retirement Care-Includes full stall in private barn, semi-private/exclusive paddocking turnout weather/footing permitting. Custom feeds/extra rations based on individual needs. Daily MSM joint supplement & probiotics. Heavy bedding cleaned daily. Additional options available: weight builder/fat supplement, RX administered, beet pulp, hay cubes/hay pellets, soaking, custom blanketing, pain management, Ulcer/gastric care, Navicular, Heaves, Insulin Resistance, Laminitis, Cushings & EPM care. Fecal testing/deworming, lunging/hand walking, based on individual needs, intended for senior horses ages 18+, geriatric or rehab horses; **limited availability**$400-$500/month


 ********6 months boarding agreement, with 30 days notice of leave required*******

 Free Services included with Board

  • Tack Storage: saddle & bridle rack along with shelving and tack box storage
  • Salt and Trace mineral blocks provided free choice
  • Provide minor medical care for scrapes
  • Administer owner supplied supplements (grained horses only)
  • Apply owner supplied fly mask and fly spray, blankets and sheets

Miscellaneous services (fee applies)
  • Veterinary/Farrier care- per vet/farrier instructions (Wound Care, Abscess care, Leg injury, Hoof, Colic Care)
  • Medicating (long/short term) oral, topical, or injectibles
  • Medications and medical items to be supplied by owner/vet at owner's expense
  • Hold horse for barn health appointments : farrier/vet/dentist

Trailer Rental

  • 14' 2H slant/Stock combo trailer, bumper pull, with dressing room/tack area, fits 2 horses (slant load divider can fold flat for open compartment)
  • maintained and safe for independently transporting your own horse
  • pulling vehicle must be equipped for hauling a trailer with 2 5/16" ball and 7 prong round plug receptacle
  • driver must have valid license & insurance
  • available for daily/weekend/weekly rental: discounted rates for boarders