Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

Quality Care for your Equine Companion

Rules and Expectations

We would like to keep this a quiet country setting for all to enjoy. We ask that these rules be followed for everyone's safety, comfort and convenience.  Please exercise courtesy and respect to others.

  • No smoking, or consumption of Alcohol, or the use of Illegal substances on premises.
  • Any one under the influence of any kind will be asked to leave premises immediately
  • No firearms allowed on premises
  • No running, yelling, swearing or horseplay
  • No tampering with or use of stable's personal property
  • Barn hours 8am-8pm
  • Please only use the stable driveway and parking area, and drive slowly (5 mph) Trailers can pull through both drives.
  • Promptly clean up horse droppings or your miscellaneous product/debris and dispose of properly in muck carts
  • Properly put away tack and equipment to it's designated tack area
  • Boarders use their own tack unless other arrangements have been made
  • Share the aisle and respect each other's space
  • Stall use is for assigned horse/owner (full board or inclement board) only
  • Always lock gates properly
  • While discipline may be necessary, physical abuse will not be tolerated
  • Please no dogs
  • If something breaks, please notify stable owner
  • Use caution and common sense when bringing a child or a guest. Farm rules apply to everyone. Safety is top priority.
  • Please ask for hay/grain for travel needs.
  • Please hand graze in the grassy areas surrounding barns or in fields. 
  • Please refrain from grazing or riding horses in the yard surrounding our home.
  • Please use proper horse handling techniques and equipment ensuring safety of all