Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

Quality Care for your Equine Companion

Barn Hours 8:00 am. to 8:00 pm




Horses Fed in stalls & paddocks daily

Slow feed netted round bales in pastures 

Free choice mineral and salt blocks in stalls and paddocks

Owner supplied supplements fed

Purina grains provided to stalled horses

Premium custom baled Hay provided in square and round bales

Ritchie waterers in pastures 

Stall and Barn fans in Summer 

Water heated during Winter



Blanket & Sheets

Yearly blanket repairs/cleaning

Owner supplied winter Blankets on/off

Owner supplied Fly masks/sheets/spray applied during Summer


Tack, Security, & Extras

We provide locked tack rooms for safe tack storage

Security system on premises

Saddle, blanket and bridle racks, tack box space and shelving provided

Outdoor wash rack



Oakdale Large Animal Clinic

Beadle Lake Large Animal Clinic

Superior Equine Dentistry



We have 2 dedicated farriers that visit monthly.

Your choice of farrier is welcome too!


Riding and Safety

1 Riding arena and 1 round pen for light riding and groundwork

Trail loop behind farm and country roads for free choice riding

Local to KalVal Saddle Club, Kellogg Forest, and Fort Custer

Orange vests provided during hunting season

Hard helmets encouraged but not required

No smoking on premises or in barns


Insurance and Liability

MI Equine Liability Act 

Our farm is fully insured 

Owner's responsible for equine & tack insurance



Email blasts

Dry Eraser Board is used for posting messages

Facebook page "Rolling Acres Stable"


General Care

Whether you visit your horse every day or once a month, your horse will receive human interaction through our daily routine of consistent and proper care.

Your horse will be handled regularly through feedings, stall turnout, and general horse-keeping.

You can have peace of mind knowing your horse is being attended to and likely spoiled too!

We coordinate all primary (regularly scheduled) Farrier and Veterinary (vaccinations) visits, and will hold horse for owner for a small fee.