Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

Quality Care for your Equine Companion

Hi, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

My name is Vicki, and I want you to know a little about our farm and the passion and experience behind caring for each horse. I have owned and worked with horses literally my entire life; you could say it's a natural way of life for me. I have been riding since I was 2, and was always adventurous and passionate about horses growing up. I have always been a sponge for equine information and it always interests me.  I have owned and cared for many horses over the years, each one has been very special to me.

I worked with several different trainers and at different barns over the years, working my way up the ladder and learning so many valuable things along the way. I have worked at a racing stable as a stable hand, groom, and exercise rider, a western pleasure stable as a farm hand, groom, and trainer apprentice, and a hunter/jumper stable as a trainer apprentice and youth mentor. All of which I gained knowledge and experience to guide me. I participated in 4-H since I was 13yrs old and continue to participate in open and local shows as an adult.

Horses are a part of my soul. I have bred. raised, trained, ridden, raced, shown, and even driven horses over my 30+years of experience, and also provided riding lessons and mentored many others in different disciplines. I also enjoy mentoring those who have a shared passion for horses. I appreciate the novice enthusiast learning the joys of owning and riding a horse, but my heart truly melts at seeing a child develop the bond with such a large, majestic animal.

I started competing in youth rodeo with my gelding Oklahoma Jazz, aka "Okie" . As an adult I still enjoy showing English pleasure and equitation for fun but my main passion is barrel racing and pole bending. Okie and I won many competitions over our 26 years together in 4-H, NBHA, and  MBRA events, but our most memorable was winning KalVal's women's Speed Championship when he was nearly 30 years old and over 70% blind from his worsening cataracts, which forced us to retire shortly after. He was laid to rest at the age of 36 in April 2013.

I established my farm in Scotts, MI back in September of 2000. It was just wooded land with no buildings at the time. It has taken years of hard work to create a safe and appealing boarding environment. It continues to evolve every year with improvements and more amenities.  

I like to constantly expand my equine knowledge. The horse industry is always changing and offering new info and products to improve the well being of the equine. I attend clinics and expos and always make the effort to learn from every day experiences. I also enjoy making our farm an inviting, safe and quiet place for you and your horse to be at. Hosting an environment that makes our boarders feel at "home" with their horse.

My husband Dan and I provide very attentive and compassionate care to our horses and would do the same for any others. We enjoy opening our barn to our boarders, and providing quality care to their beloved equines. Dan is a true country boy and quite a natural horseman; patient, gentle and kind. He has a quiet gentle way of handling a horse that is comforting to the animal. He began riding and caring for horses many years ago and took to it naturally. We discovered we shared a common passion. 

Dan too has an eye for the health of the horse. He is also the brawn of the farm, always building or improving something. He is also avid hunter and hard working farmer, spending numerous hours in the barn or in the fields. We farm over 100 acres of hay to supply our stable.

We have 2 geldings: Jasper & Tucker and 2 mares: Molly and Cadence. We enjoy taking them trail riding, local competitions, and camping.

Together Dan and I have a beautiful daughter, and a hard working son, and an extended blended family of 2 older boys, their wives, and grandchildren. We are very blessed!